8 Indoor Houseplants That Are Perfectly Safe for Pets

Last Updated on April 26, 2022

Want To Keep Your Pets Safe Around Your Houseplants? Problem Solved With These Indoor Beauties.

safe plants for pets

What Plants Are Safe for Cats and Dogs?

As you already know, houseplants are a green and healthy way to add color to any interior space in your home.

And you also know that when looking for decorative plants, there’s no shortage to choose from.

But if you’re a pet owner, you know that some plants can be toxic for your furry friends.

Here’s a list of some of the more common non-toxic indoor houseplants you’ll find that are safe for pets. Obviously, it’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a good starting point if you want to protect your pets.

Let’s take a look.


Fittonia (Nerve Plant)

Commonly known as “Nerve Plant,” fittonias (Fittonia albivenis) are green plants that love low light. They feature distinctive white or pink veining on the leaves. They are easy to care for and non-toxic to both dogs and cats.

Spider Plant

spider plant

Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) aka “Airplane plants” are a perennial flowering plant that’s also one of the easiest to grow indoors. These variegated beauties can be displayed in decorative containers or hanging baskets. They are known to improve indoor air quality while also being completely pet-friendly.

Areca Palm

areca palm

Arecas (Dypsis lutescens) are a great choice if you are looking for a larger floor plant. Easy to care for and sunlight-loving, areca palms are non-toxic. So they are an excellent pet-friendly choice.

Parlor Palm

parlor palm
Neantha Bella or “Parlor palms” (Chamaedorea elegans) are a very versatile green plant that we’ve sold for years in the shop. They don’t grow tall, but are fuller than most other indoor varieties of palms. Super-easy to care for, and non-toxic to pets as well.

African Violets

african violet

African violets (Saintpaulia) are one of the easiest and low-maintenance indoor blooming plants to grow. If you’ve got an empty window sill, it’s the perfect place to add a spot of color. And don’t worry, your pets are perfectly safe around them, too!

Cast-Iron Plant

cast iron plant

There’s a good reason the aspidistra plant (Aspidistra elatior) is nicknamed “Cast Iron Plant.” These plants are at home in all types of lighting conditions. They only require watering once a week or so and feeding once every few months or so. On top of all the neglect they can handle, they’re 100% pet-friendly, too!

Boston Fern


Another easy-care houseplant is the venerable Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata). Over the years, we’ve sold many of these in hanging baskets, but they can also grace a pedestal, making them more versatile. Boston ferns are also non-toxic, so they’re safe with pets in the house.

Moth Orchid Plant

moth orchid

As one of the most popular and trendy flowering plants around today, a moth orchid (Phalaenopsis) is one of the easiest orchids to care for. You also don’t have to worry about the health of your pets around them either. They are an excellent choice for adding color to any room in your home.

Where You Can Buy Pet-Friendly Plants Like These

Personally, I always buy my own houseplants locally, from a greenhouse, florist, or garden center. Anywhere I can actually see the plant before I purchase it.

With the possible exception of orchid plants and succulents, I personally avoid buying indoor houseplants from big-box stores. They don’t always look to me like they’re maintained properly.

I also try to avoid buying live plants that need to be shipped to avoid stress on the plants.

That said, you can find some pretty interesting pet-friendly houseplants on Amazon.

I’ve only touched on a few of the more widely available and easy to maintain pet-friendly houseplants in this article. I only listed ones that I’ve sold in the shop for years and know are safe.

If you’re not sure whether a plant might be toxic to your cat or dog, the ASPCA has published a printable list of toxic and non-toxic plants on their website.

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