How to Use a Large Contemporary Floor Vase in Your Room Decor

Last Updated on December 4, 2020

Using a Large Contemporary Floor Vase at Home

Contemporary Floor Vase


If you have a large area that needs a decorative accent piece, a contemporary floor vase is a great option to consider.

They make a signature statement wherever they are used.

At home, they are an excellent choice for an entry foyer or other large interior space that needs an eye-catching accent.

They can easily be used to fill an empty corner in a room, or placed alongside console or media tables.

Use them to create tall, striking accents in places where your space is limited, such as staircase landings, alcoves or next to a fireplace.

Large vases can also be used to create a room divider for large open-concept rooms, such as separating a great room from a dining room.

Contemporary Floor Vase

Image via Houzz

If you’re not sure where to use large vases as accent pieces, check out “10 Ways to Fill Empty Corners With Floor Vases“.

You’re sure to come away with some new vase decorating ideas for your home.

When used in a commercial setting, such as an office building or hotel, contemporary floor vases work well in lobby and reception areas.

With the addition of birch branches or curly willow, they add height and substance to any area, like the vases featured here.

Where to Find Unique and Affordable Floor Vases

When choosing tall floor vases, you will have options to consider, including the color, shape, and height of the vase.

You will also have to decide whether it will be a ceramic, glass, or wood vase, depending on how and where you plan to use it.

Shopping is simple. You can find almost any type and style of large floor vases online. Two of my favorite online sites for all types of home decor items are Wayfair and Overstock. Both offer great selections and very competitive pricing.

But my favorite online destination is Houzz. I always start here because their search feature is awesome. I start by clicking on the “Get Ideas” tab, then add my search term in the box.

The results will return a lot of photos showing you how interior designers have effectively used similar products in their work. Great way to begin to visualize how to use a contemporary floor vase in your room decor.

There are other online sources that look really good too, but outside of Amazon and eBay, they are the only ones that I have any experience using, so that’s why I mentioned them here.

Tall Floor Vases on eBay

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