Floral Delivery Secrets You Should Know and Avoid

Last Updated on July 22, 2022

Minimize or avoid delivery problems altogether by dealing directly with a local florist when you want to send flowers. Here's how.

floral delivery secrets

Floral Delivery Secrets You Should Know About

Over the weekend, I found an interesting thread about a floral delivery on a frequent flyer forum I visit occasionally. Here’s the part that caught my attention.

Who’s Handling Your Floral Delivery?

People who frequently send flowers online were already aware of this. Still, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of other folks, like the poster here, who are unaware that a FedEx driver would be delivering their flowers.

All the national online florists offer fresh flowers that are either “shipped direct” or “florist delivered.” If you like supporting local businesses, always ensure the flowers you’re sending are “florist delivered.”

Dealing With A Late Floral Delivery

I know that after every major floral holiday, there are always complaints about late or no delivery.

floral delivery guy

The major national floral companies cover themselves with a disclaimer discussed in this Consumer Reports article.

If you placed an order for Valentine’s Day flowers online, you might have missed a disclaimer that says the site does not guarantee delivery on major holidays—including Valentine’s Day. The 1-800Flowers site, for example, … Source

Most late floral delivery complaints can be traced back to two things – weather or heavy order volume. And no company that ships direct (Amazon & others) is immune.

Amazon and others have experienced significant delivery delays at Christmas due to a last-minute crush of orders.

Bad winter weather has also hampered delivery in much of the country on Valentine’s Day, which I can recall in recent years.

You can minimize most floral delivery problems or avoid them altogether by dealing directly with a local florist in the recipient’s delivery area.

Avoid placing orders using a national florist’s call center.

If you’re not sure about how to find a local florist where your recipient lives, you can use the local florist search tool on our website.

It will still be quite a while before flowers can be delivered using the method shown in this video.

I wonder how they got that big, beautiful bouquet
into that tiny little box?

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